Underground Chef: Personal Chef Service + Catering

We cook delicious food.

Vegan and vegetarian Internet restaurant

Local products


Serving Dutchess County


Our personal chef service is, catering for individuals + families who want to eat delicious food.

Underground Chef takes great pride in preparing your food with care. Maintaining safe food handling practices and proper cooking techniques to ensure the highest quality product is of utmost importance.

We offer thoughtfully packaged meals to allow for quick heating and easy serving.

Understanding your personal tastes is a key element to creating meals and snacks that suit you.

It is important to share your thoughts about particular foods you enjoy, dietary restrictions, and other boundaries you may want me to consider when preparing a personalized menu for you. Also important, knowing how many portions and how many meals you would like to have prepared.

We prepare our food products at the Poughkeepsie Underwear Factory, 8 North Cherry St. Poughkeepsie, New York, 12601.

Pickup is available by appointment only. Payment for services must be made when placing order.

Please email me for a consultation to see if I can satisfy your foodservice needs. Kirk@undergroundchefdutchess.com